In Mamers, Carla Hugel starts selling second-hand horse riding equipment

Between trade and horse riding, Carla Hugel has chosen to combine the two: Mamertine starts selling second-hand horse riding equipment.

Carla Hugel has two passions in life: horse riding and business. 22-year-old Mamertine has just managed to reconcile her two passions by setting up her itinerant business selling second-hand horse riding equipment.

“I have just obtained a BTS in commerce and I have been riding horses for ten years, so indeed at the end of my studies last June, I wanted to combine my passion for commerce with that of horses and equipment,” the young woman explains simply.

Carla Hugel chose to become homeless for financial reasons: “For the moment, it’s complicated to find a place to do my work,” the young woman admits.So, every week, every weekend, Carla rides in her vehicle and goes to the riding competitions, to the stables, to the equestrian centres to offer her equipment to the riders.

“For the moment, I’m moving in Sarthe, Orne and Mayenne. I’m also very active on the internet and social networks. So, if there’s a real need, I can move further than the three departments I just mentioned.”

Everything for the rider and his mount

By positioning itself in the niche of second-hand equipment, Carla Hugel does not want to make any sacrifice on the quality of the articles offered to her customers.

“The concept of my business is quite simple. It’s about selling quality at affordable prices because they’re used. But I also have new items that I get from discontinued operations, receiverships. I sell them back at used prices.”

Carla Hugel offers saddles, nets, leathers, bombs, clothes, and more generally, “all the equipment a rider may need for him and his horse”. The Mamertine entrepreneur wants to satisfy as many people as possible.

“I make a point of stocking all brands from entry-level to so-called premium brands,” concludes Carla Hugel.

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